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Post: Rare Blue headed Macaws

Posted by Cherane Pefley, Avianitarian - Loxahatchee Groves,FL on 1/09/11

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    We are celebrating the hatches of our Blue headed Macaws
    that started the first of this new year,January 5.
    A rare Macaw in the U.S. with only 22 legally imported in
    2000. Payments with contracts are considered by Cherane
    for the serious minded Avianitarian in the U.S.
    I have the copies of the legal documentation of these
    adorable rare Blue headed Macaws parents.
    Contact me 305.280.9567

    Cherane Pefley, Avianitarian
    Licensed by Florida Wildlife Conservation since 1991
    Licensed by Palm Beach County, FL in BIRD SALES

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    Avianitarian (noun) : Avianitarian is (1) A Propagator of
    exotic birds; (2) a
    person who has knowledge of, ability to practice and
    perform basic avicultural medical procedures; (3) a person
    who has knowledge of and skill to artificially incubate
    and hatch eggs of a species of exotic birds; (4) a person
    who has knowledge and ability to hand-feed hatchling
    exotic birds and perform duties required to maintain an
    avian nursery; (5) a person who has the knowledge and
    ability to enter and maintain data in a avian record-
    keeping program(s); (6) a person who has knowledge and
    ability to manage an aviary or groups of exotic birds
    including knowledge on how to implement proper quarantine
    facilities and housing environments for the exotic birds,
    and (7) a person who is able to provide exotic birds with
    adequate dietary and nutritional needs. (8) a person who
    takes the time to observe and attempt to meet the
    behavioral needs of the exotic birds in their care.

    This Living Document managed by Pat Miller, edited by
    Phyllis Martin, Certified Avianitarian Professional.
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