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Re: macaws eating thier eggs

Posted by deb on 4/18/11
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    you can try replacing the real eggs with ceramic eggs same size
    let her have the ceramic eggs for one full clutch then let her
    try with a new batch it worked for me. also: how much nesting
    material is in the box? enough to protect the eggs from rolling
    around and hitting the sides? are the parents toe nails long,
    is it possible the nails are breaking them?

    On 3/01/11, tere lopez, atlanta wrote:
    > On 2/16/11, Dana, Louisiana wrote:
    >> On 2/05/11, tere lopez, atlanta wrote:
    >>> Please help me figure out why my regular
    >>> macaws are eating their eggs.
    >>> They are not eating them but breaking them
    >>> it is so frustrating with all the money that
    >>> these birds cost to see broken eggs.
    >>> tere
    >>> ph # 7707872955or email me
    >>> thanks a lot
    >> Tere,
    >> You may have to incubate your eggs. A lot of birds do this.
    >> I have a pair of green wings that break their eggs. I pull
    >> them as soon as they lay them.