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Re: Cockatoo Wanted

Posted by Pam Nowain on 7/18/11
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    On 7/04/11, Renee Jewel wrote:
    > Im looking for a friendly non screaming cockatoo Can give
    > lots of attention I work at home and live alone Please
    > reply
    First of all, all Cockatoos skwawk & screech. It's their
    nature, but some are better than others at keeping the
    decibels within acceptable ranges. Fortunately Angel fits in
    this category. She can be quite vocal talking about her name,
    & saying "pretty bird", "what'cha doin",& sometimes barking
    softly like a little dog. Generally she will only raise the
    volume when she gets stirred up by load noises. If you have a
    quiet home, she is generally very quiet. She loves to be with
    her people to cuddle. Her very favorite treat is cashews(no
    salt). I feed a good quality parrot food, & I try to give her
    lots of fruits & veggies, but she is slow accepting them. She
    also likes scrambled eggs, & pasta.

    Anyway, I am asking $1200 to a good home. She is 7 years old,
    & is very well adjusted. She's been in a home with cats &
    dogs, & is not afraid of them or small children. She will
    bite until she makes friends. fortunately she makes friends
    very quickly if you have cashews to offer. She is a very
    beautiful girl with blg white feathers. She is quite
    stunning. If you want more info, please contact me again.
    Sincerely, Pam Nowain