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Re: Losing Babies-Any ideas???

Posted by Jenn on 11/28/11
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    On 11/19/11, Hannah wrote:
    > On 9/12/11, At Wit's end wrote:
    >> Would appreciate any input/experience with this. Lost many
    >> babies parrots of various species to unknown reasons. All
    >> were between ages of 5 weeks to almost 5 months. All at
    >> various stages of handfeeding. Symptoms include slow crop,
    >> weakness, weight loss, passing only urates and eventual
    >> death. Some developed swollen abdomens causing blockage of
    >> waste. Excess vomiting prelude to loss. Two newly weaned 5
    >> mt olds were fine then suddenly were found ruffled, weak,
    >> not moving about, drinking excessive amounts of water.
    >> Death occured within 12 hrs of all symptoms. Blood testing
    >> done on all for Polyoma, Psciticcosis, Pacheos, PBFD and
    >> PDD. Autopsy showed nothing unusual with any organs. Vent
    >> swab positive for viral bacteria on only 2 babies. Baytril,
    >> Relafin, Pedialyte and mineral oil given to all. Also tried
    >> papaya juice and Maalox. Handfeeding formula changed and
    >> pro-biotic enzymes added. Majority of babies were Amazons.
    >> 90&37; loss. Other species, Ekkies, Conures, mini Macawa,
    > 100&37;
    >> loss. Some were out and interacting with other baby birds;
    >> (no problems with any of them) some never left the
    >> isolation of the incubators. Any help with this sudden and
    >> devastating situation is much appreciated Has anyone ever
    >> experienced this
    > Were they checked for a crop fungus?

    Did they test all of them for PDD or just one. from what I
    understand about it, it's a hard thing to test for and a
    negative doesnt necessarily mean negative since there are so
    many ganglia in that area and the desease doesnt live in all of