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Re: Losing Babies-Any ideas???

Posted by Jenn on 12/15/11
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    On 11/28/11, Debbie wrote:
    > On 11/19/11, Hannah wrote:
    >> On 9/12/11, At Wit's end wrote:
    >>> Would appreciate any input/experience with this. Lost many
    >>> babies parrots of various species to unknown reasons. All
    >>> were between ages of 5 weeks to almost 5 months. All at
    >>> various stages of handfeeding. Symptoms include slow crop,
    >>> weakness, weight loss, passing only urates and eventual
    >>> death. Some developed swollen abdomens causing blockage of
    >>> waste. Excess vomiting prelude to loss. Two newly weaned 5
    >>> mt olds were fine then suddenly were found ruffled, weak,
    >>> not moving about, drinking excessive amounts of water.
    >>> Death occured within 12 hrs of all symptoms. Blood testing
    >>> done on all for Polyoma, Psciticcosis, Pacheos, PBFD and
    >>> PDD. Autopsy showed nothing unusual with any organs. Vent
    >>> swab positive for viral bacteria on only 2 babies. Baytril,
    >>> Relafin, Pedialyte and mineral oil given to all. Also tried
    >>> papaya juice and Maalox. Handfeeding formula changed and
    >>> pro-biotic enzymes added. Majority of babies were Amazons.
    >>> 90&37; loss. Other species, Ekkies, Conures, mini Macawa,
    >> 100&37;
    >>> loss. Some were out and interacting with other baby birds;
    >>> (no problems with any of them) some never left the
    >>> isolation of the incubators. Any help with this sudden and
    >>> devastating situation is much appreciated Has anyone ever
    >>> experienced this
    >> Were they checked for a crop fungus?
    > Something encountered years ago but you don't hear too much
    > about it is Cryptosporidium. It's been a long time but I
    > beleive it was transmitted by water. We lost mostly macaws
    > then but that was what was in the nursery. The only thing that
    > helped was a fish antibiotic used in the water. If you have a
    > well and not public water you could check that.

    Hm..I'll have to check that out because over the summer my birds
    got sick for no apparent reason. After 15 years of having parrots
    and nothing going wrong, my youngest male eclectus, who was 2,
    died. Just wasnt acting right for a few days, lost weight and
    went into seizures in my hands. Immediately after that..and I
    mean while I was cleaning his cage out after burying him, my
    oldest female who was 11, fell off her perch. Got her to the
    avian clinic where she stayed for almost 2 weeks. In that time
    one of my baby ekkies that I nearly had weaned...and sold...died
    in the same vet from the same unknown cause. Loss of weight,
    rapidly..etc. Long story short, they ran every test known and
    nothing came up but she my older female was responding to baytril.
    She came home 2 weeks later with some meds, some calcium
    drops..ended up recovering just fine. But it's disheartening to
    not even know what it was..and scary to think something like that
    may come back, simply because you don't know what it was. The
    water table was really low at the time because it didnt rain for
    weeks and we do have well water. After she came home I did put
    them on bottled water...I'll have to look into that Cryptosporidium.