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Post: Losing Babies-Any ideas???

Posted by At Wit's end on 9/12/11

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    Would appreciate any input/experience with this. Lost many
    babies parrots of various species to unknown reasons. All
    were between ages of 5 weeks to almost 5 months. All at
    various stages of handfeeding. Symptoms include slow crop,
    weakness, weight loss, passing only urates and eventual
    death. Some developed swollen abdomens causing blockage of
    waste. Excess vomiting prelude to loss. Two newly weaned 5
    mt olds were fine then suddenly were found ruffled, weak,
    not moving about, drinking excessive amounts of water.
    Death occured within 12 hrs of all symptoms. Blood testing
    done on all for Polyoma, Psciticcosis, Pacheos, PBFD and
    PDD. Autopsy showed nothing unusual with any organs. Vent
    swab positive for viral bacteria on only 2 babies. Baytril,
    Relafin, Pedialyte and mineral oil given to all. Also tried
    papaya juice and Maalox. Handfeeding formula changed and
    pro-biotic enzymes added. Majority of babies were Amazons.
    90% loss. Other species, Ekkies, Conures, mini Macawa, 100%
    loss. Some were out and interacting with other baby birds;
    (no problems with any of them) some never left the
    isolation of the incubators. Any help with this sudden and
    devastating situation is much appreciated Has anyone ever
    experienced this

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