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Re: 2 Congo African Grey Baby Parrots For Sale

Posted by patrick corrigan on 12/18/11
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    On 12/13/11, Michelle Fazio wrote:
    > One boy and one girl, banded, Hatch Date - OCT 21, 2011.
    > Available - Now. Band Number - NYS 012. Adorable baby
    > Parrots, hand fed. Very tame, love kids, very sweet babies,
    > so cute, nice size and their parents have a huge vocabulary.
    > Parents also sing! The parents are very good sized. Perfect
    > feathers and nice square heads. Pick up only, cannot ship
    > due to cold weather conditions. I also have proven breeder
    > African Grey pairs for sale as well. Thanks, Michelle CALL
    > 646 737-2741
    I am very excited about your birds. I will tell you about
    myself and my philosophy concerning parrots a bit now but more
    on the Ph 509-378-2874. Most people should not own birds. I am
    not most people. It is possible you may not approve what I do,
    so I want to be clear.
    I am a photographer who lives "only" with parrots and I make
    them stars. I train young ones to be part of my troupe where I
    put them on tourists and take and sell them beautiful photos
    with nice backgrounds. They become addicted to socializing with
    other breeds, and with people. They are very smart and put on
    quite a show at the right time.