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Re: Magda's Little Aviary - Oshkosh WI

Posted by JesseandMe on 2/01/12
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    On 1/19/12, Rose wrote:
    > I am a bird enthusiast for 17 years, I run Magda's Little
    > My service for surrendered birds is
    > free. If they don't get adopted they will always have a
    > place with me. I am always happy to see a bird have a loving
    > home.
    > If interested please call me (920) 252 - 0099
    > Can visit my website at clicking the link

    WOW you say your service is free but you "charge" more that I
    would pay at a bird fair for these birds. A Green Cheek for 180
    ??? They sell as babies for 125. I say BEWARE!!! And Nay Nay!!