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Re: Bird Breeders

Posted by stormcat on 2/19/13
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    In my experience it is a sign of a lousy outfit. Most people ask for a deposit to
    secure the sale. IE, if you find out in a week or two that the price you received was
    to high, they will pull the old, "I lost two buyers holding for you" . If the price is right,
    the breeder can resell easily. The deposit is most effectivly leverage to force you
    into buying, should you discover the price is too high before you pickup.
    Remember this in sales: If they talk too much, pass off too much knowledge or ask
    for a deposit run. Good product and Good Prices sell themselves.

    On 7/30/12, Justin wrote:
    > On 7/27/12, Aden wrote:
    >> On 7/26/12, fuzzybirds wrote:
    >>> IS it just me why do breeders request deposits on baby
    >>> birds? I want to see what the birds colors are when they
    >>> are feathered out since all birds are different colors
    >>> none are alike. Anyone else agree with me? I don't want to
    >>> buy a bird whose colors I am not happy with. I do love
    >>> them all but know what I want....
    > I ask for deposits for a few reasons:
    > 1) Helps me weed out the flakers. Many times I've had people say
    > they want a bird. Email or call me multiple times a week with
    > questions and then when the time comes to pay you can never get
    > a hold of them.
    > 2) If someone is willing to put down a non refundable deposit
    > then I know they're serious about buying one of my birds.
    > 3) it's not fair on other potential clients to have someone tell
    > you they want a bird and then 10 weeks later when the bird is
    > weaned and they haven't put a deposit down and they tell you
    > they no longer want the bird. In the meantime I may have turned
    > away a few other customers that would have wanted a bird.