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Re: Bird Breeders

Posted by Long Time Bird Breeder on 7/28/12
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    On 7/26/12, fuzzybirds wrote:
    > IS it just me why do breeders request deposits on baby
    > birds? I want to see what the birds colors are when they
    > are feathered out since all birds are different colors
    > none are alike. Anyone else agree with me? I don't want to
    > buy a bird whose colors I am not happy with. I do love
    > them all but know what I want....

    Anyone who would make a decision to buy a bird based solely on
    color shouldn't have a bird. Period.

    The health and personality of the bird would be more important
    than color.

    Honestly, the smaller birds such as budgies, canaries and
    tiels have varied colors. When you get into the medium to
    larger bird,s colors are pretty standard based upon the
    species of the bird. Macaws are somewhat different in color
    because they are often mixed breeds, but your Greys, Toos,
    Africans, etc. are standard in color.

    I don't require a deposit when I sell a bird. This isn't
    because I'm a nice person. This allows me to evaluate the
    person buying the bird and if they turn out to be a "goof,"
    for lack of a better word, then I get to say "I think you
    would do better with another breeder."

    Money isn't everything, at least not for me. The welfare of
    my birds is more important than just getting them sold.