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Re: Bird Breeders

Posted by Justin on 7/30/12
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    On 7/27/12, Aden wrote:
    > On 7/26/12, fuzzybirds wrote:
    >> IS it just me why do breeders request deposits on baby
    >> birds? I want to see what the birds colors are when they
    >> are feathered out since all birds are different colors
    >> none are alike. Anyone else agree with me? I don't want to
    >> buy a bird whose colors I am not happy with. I do love
    >> them all but know what I want....

    I ask for deposits for a few reasons:

    1) Helps me weed out the flakers. Many times I've had people say
    they want a bird. Email or call me multiple times a week with
    questions and then when the time comes to pay you can never get
    a hold of them.

    2) If someone is willing to put down a non refundable deposit
    then I know they're serious about buying one of my birds.

    3) it's not fair on other potential clients to have someone tell
    you they want a bird and then 10 weeks later when the bird is
    weaned and they haven't put a deposit down and they tell you
    they no longer want the bird. In the meantime I may have turned
    away a few other customers that would have wanted a bird.