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    Post: Quaker mutations

    Dale Dillard

    Posted on 10/08/13
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    Quaker mutations for sale, all of these are 2013 hatch ---
    2 pair, all are visual Green Opaline (Pallid), all are
    Split to DE Yellow, all are possible (66.6%) Split Blue -
    $800 per pair. 1 pair, Blue Opaline Split to DE X Green
    Opaline Split to DE and also Split to Blue. This pair can
    throw Whites or Yellows. $1100. 1 pair, visual DE Yellow
    male X Green Opaline Split DE. $1200 We ship with Delta
    Airlines only ($160) but you are welcome to pick up birds
    at our farm in Troutville, VA. Our website is . Please email me direct at if you are interested, do NOT respond on
    group or I might not see it for a while.

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