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    Post: Blue Fronted Amazon - Male breeder for sale

    Debbie Taylor

    Posted on 4/27/19
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    I have a Blue Fronted Amazon parrot rescue who was a
    breeder. My vet told me he was surgically sexed because
    he has the tattoo under his right wing. The guy my dad got
    him from said his mate had died. This bird was in terrible
    shape when I got him but, he is a beautiful bird now.

    I've had him now for about 15 years and I don't know how old
    he was when I got him. To date, he will only bond to one of
    my other parrots and still will not let me handle him. I
    was hoping he would come around to be friendly with me but,
    he just obsesses over the other birds.

    I think he will only be truly happy if he's a breeder again.
    I live in the Chicago suburbs and I would like to find a new
    home for him with a breeder who is in the Chicago area.

    Also, a concern I have is I read somewhere that if an
    breeder amazon loses a mate, he will never bond to the same
    species again. Does anyone know if this is true?

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