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Re: Bud isn' t eating!

Posted by Michael L on 8/05/05
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    On 8/05/05, Judith L Fullerton wrote:
    > My bird isn't eating his seed which he always did before.
    > However, if I give him a millet seed tree he gobbles it
    > down like he is starving. He is also drinking a lot of
    > water. Could it be a problem with an overgrown beak? He
    > has never used a cuttle bone.

    While spray millet is a good food for birds, it might also
    cause him to want to not eat his regular seed since it
    appeals to most birds 'sweet tooth' so to speak.
    You mention an overgrown beak. Often times, this can be a
    sign of a more serious, internal health issue. Budgies are
    prone to fatty liver disease, and an overgrown beak can be an
    indication of this or something else.
    Based upon what you stated, an exam by your avian vet would
    be in order to rule out possible health concerns.
    In the meantime, dont' stop feeding him the millet as this
    may be the only food that is giving him sustenance at this

    Michael L