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Re: Misbehaving !!!

Posted by Popcorn on 8/09/05
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    On 8/09/05, BARB wrote:
    > On 8/08/05, Robin P. wrote:
    >> Snip snip go the wing feathers.....
    > ************************************************
    > Why would he mind my husband and not me? He is supposed to be
    > my bird but when it comes time to go in his cage my husband
    > just walks up to it and the little fart jumps right in. He is
    > not always happy that he is putting him in the cage but
    > he doesnt have to chase him down. Can feathers be clipped by
    > or do I need to take him to the avian vet for that procedure.
    > ****Thanks,Perches MOM

    If you've never seen it done before go the a vet or breeder. I
    had a small petstore in my area and the owner of the store knew
    how to do it and was really good with the birds. That's another