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Re: Misbehaving !!!

Posted by Fran/edit on 8/10/05
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    On 8/09/05, Barb wrote:
    > Hi Barb, birds can be funny about the humans they "choose".
    > Several years back we adopted an umbrella cockatoo who was
    > supposed to be MY bird. Well, that lasted about a week. She fell
    > totally in love with my husband and only wants attention from me
    > when he is not in the room. They are smarter than we realize and
    > definately have personalities of their own.
    > Definitely let an avian vet or knowledgable pet shop clip her
    > wings. If is tricky, especially on small birds, and you could do
    > serious damage.
    > Good luck with your little 'keet!

    ADD ON: this post is by Fran. I don't know why I put your name in
    the Poster's spot. I'm losing it!!!!