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Re: Clean up on isle 4....

Posted by Robin P. on 8/09/05
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    On 8/09/05, Nite wrote:
    > When i let my 2 birds out of their cage in my home they poop
    > everywhere and a lot too. Even on my hand (which btw, today
    > for the first time they felt safe enough to perch on my
    > finger!!!!!). Can you train it to only poop in the cage(if
    > so how?) or will i be just wiping the poop off the
    > floor/hands/everywhere for the rest of my bird's life???
    > Nite~

    Personally I am not a big fan of rigid potty training when it
    comes to birds.Certain ones like greys and cockatoos can get
    so overtrained it threatens their health,they will literally
    hold it until they get sick rather than go where they are not
    supposed to.
    But my big birds know not to go ON me.I know when they are
    about to go,their nails will tighten down,and their bodies
    tense up.Beaker makes a squeaking noise when she goes,which
    is just bizarre,and she has done it for years..but when they
    go I put them back on the stand,if they manage to hold it
    long enough I tell them what good birds they are and get them
    a treat.As far as anywhere else,I have that plastic runner
    stuff under their cage,it's easy to wash,or if I set them
    somewhere I have newspaper under them.
    Now these are macaws.There's really not alot to budgie poop
    comparitively.I think one of Cookie's doodles probably weighs
    more than a budgie.Keep some paper towels handy at all times.