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Re: Clean up on isle 4....

Posted by Stacy on 8/09/05
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    She called it a doodle... Ha HA!

    I love Bounty paper towels. True to what they say, when it
    comes to my birds, it stands up to a lot.

    I use old bedsheets under my birds with a cheep plastic
    tablecloth. I can take the bedsheet outside and shake off the
    shells, the unattatched poo and (atleast right now) the half a
    macaw's worth of feathers, then throw it in the washing machine
    with bleach.

    Under the African grey's cage I have the runner for carpet
    youuse for the rolly computer chairs. It is big enough to cover
    A LOT of space. That one, I use a shopvac on.

    On 8/09/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > Personally I am not a big fan of rigid potty training when it
    > comes to birds.Certain ones like greys and cockatoos can get
    > so overtrained it threatens their health,they will literally
    > hold it until they get sick rather than go where they are not
    > supposed to.
    > But my big birds know not to go ON me.I know when they are
    > about to go,their nails will tighten down,and their bodies
    > tense up.Beaker makes a squeaking noise when she goes,which
    > is just bizarre,and she has done it for years..but when they
    > go I put them back on the stand,if they manage to hold it
    > long enough I tell them what good birds they are and get them
    > a treat.As far as anywhere else,I have that plastic runner
    > stuff under their cage,it's easy to wash,or if I set them
    > somewhere I have newspaper under them.
    > Now these are macaws.There's really not alot to budgie poop
    > comparitively.I think one of Cookie's doodles probably weighs
    > more than a budgie.Keep some paper towels handy at all times.