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Re: Clean up on isle 4....

Posted by jill on 8/18/05
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    On 8/09/05, Nite wrote:
    > When i let my 2 birds out of their cage in my home they
    > everywhere and a lot too. Even on my hand (which btw, today
    > for the first time they felt safe enough to perch on my
    > finger!!!!!). Can you train it to only poop in the cage(if
    > so how?) or will i be just wiping the poop off the
    > floor/hands/everywhere for the rest of my bird's life???
    > Nite~
    i don't think there is much you can do about budgies potty
    habits. they poop an average of one time every 12 to 15
    minutes so they would definately keep you hopping. i do
    however suggest wet paper towels or wipes for the skin and
    carpets. if your budgies are healthy and not fed to much
    green food the poops should be pretty dry and not too nasty.