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Re: Clean up on isle 4....

Posted by Robin P. on 8/24/05
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    On 8/22/05, Nite wrote:
    > On 8/17/05, Robin P. wrote:
    >> On 8/16/05, Beth wrote:
    >>>> I love Bounty paper towels.
    >> baby wipes work great too
    >> You really shouldn't use baby wipes with birds,because of the
    >> alchohol,added fragrance,etc.
    > -------
    > i think she meant baby wipes to pick up the poo?? and not on the

    Yeah,but if you're using it on perches,toys or anywhere the birds sit
    or come in contact with,the alchohol and fragrance can cause severe
    reactions.The fumes from things like febreeze,air fresheners,plug-
    ins,have been shown to cause plucking in birds,respiratory
    problems,etc.So in general,I do not think baby wipes are safe to use
    around birds.A damp paper towel works just as well with no risk.