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Re: Clean up on isle 4....

Posted by Beth on 8/25/05
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    > Yeah,but if you're using it on perches,toys or anywhere the birds sit
    > or come in contact with,the alchohol and fragrance can cause severe
    > reactions.The fumes from things like febreeze,air fresheners,plug-
    > ins,have been shown to cause plucking in birds,respiratory
    > problems,etc.So in general,I do not think baby wipes are safe to use
    > around birds.A damp paper towel works just as well with no risk.

    just to clarify I dont use wipes on the bird, cage, toys,or perches. I
    use them on my tile floor and or couch which every has met the poopy
    demise. I dont think a wet paper towel does as good a job, yes it gets
    the poop off but leaves behind the germs. the alchohol in the wipe does
    not. i dont buy wipes for this purpose i have a six month old little
    girl so they are there and they are quick. i dont mean to sound snippy
    but i just wanted to clarify what i meant when i said they work great.