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Re: Birds in the same cage

Posted by Sarah on 8/12/05
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    On 8/12/05, barb wrote:
    > On 8/12/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> I have been thinking about getting an Umbrella Cockatoo. I
    >> also have 2 budgies, would the cockatoo and the parakeets
    >> be able to be in the same cage? ~Sarah
    > ******************************
    > Sarah,
    > Not only the size difference of the birdsand the space in the
    > cage. But all the too's I have known have required a separate
    > cage unless they were in with their mate. Michael L. would be
    > the best person to ask about this because he is well versed
    > in bird types temperments etc!!
    > <<<<Well, couldnt i just get a large aviary, and put them all in it? Well, if the
    temperment is good