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Re: Birds in the same cage /Sarah

Posted by Sarah on 8/14/05
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    On 8/13/05, Michae L wrote:
    > On 8/13/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> Well, yea, ive heard of that happening, and in my books, ive seen pics.
    > like that
    >> ~Sarah
    > Sarah,
    > Could you please provide the name of the book that you are referencing
    > and a page number that shows Cockatoos being housed with budgies?
    > Thanks so much,
    > Michael L

    i cant seem to find it in any of my books, but im sure that i saw some Large Parrot with a budgie
    either on animal planet or online, or somewhere, and i was just asking, i can tell that ur being a
    little sarcastic, you dont have to be so rude :( :(