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Re: Birds in the same cage /Sarah

Posted by Alison on 8/14/05
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    On 8/14/05, Sarah wrote:

    > i cant seem to find it in any of my books, but im sure that i saw some
    Large Parrot with a budgie
    > either on animal planet or online, or somewhere, and i was just asking, i
    can tell that ur being a
    > little sarcastic, you dont have to be so rude :( :(
    I had a small conure that was an escape artist and always ended up in the
    aviary with a U2. The U2 and the conure had formed a sort of friendship, but
    I had to discourage it because at any time, without warning, the U2 could
    have gotten himself an attitude and killed the conure. I'm going to post a
    link to a picture I took of the two when they had both managed to escape and
    ended up on top of a Rosellas cage. (third row, farthest on right) Look at
    the size difference in the birds and imagine how quickly the U2 could tear
    the Conure in half. Grusome image huh? Now imagine an even smallert bird
    like a keet in the senario. I don't think anyone is trying to be mean to
    you, it's just that what you are proposing is an extremely dangerous
    situation and nobody wants to see your budgies get slaughtered. -Alison-

    U2 and Conure