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Re: Birds in the same cage /Sarah

Posted by Fran on 8/15/05
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    Sarah, An Umbrella Cockatoo is a bird that would be a long term commitment (like the
    rest of your life). Do you know where you will be in two years, four, ten. Have you
    finished school, gotten a job, a husband, kids yet? Someday you probably will and you
    will also have a very demanding, expensive bird on your hands. Buying a large parrot
    especially a HIGH maintenance one like a cockatoo requires more forethought than will
    you be able to house it with your budgies, (which is not a good idea if you would like
    to keep your budgies in one piece). Your cockatoo would need it's own LARGE cage, a
    free standing perch or playpen, tons of toys he can destroy, a good balanced diet and
    most of all lots of attention from you. These are the things which you need to be
    thinking about.