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Re: sexing

Posted by Robin P. on 8/16/05
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    On 8/16/05, Popcorn wrote:
    >> females have pinkish,or tan,that when they get
    >> ready to breed turns to a flaky brown.
    > Is there another time that the female turns brown or is it a
    > seasonal thing? My keets beak turn this color every few
    > months but she does not seem to want to breed with the male in
    > the cage. She is 4 years old and the male is 2. They are
    > good friends but not close enough to be a pair. I've never
    > seen the preening each other or anything like that.

    Could be she thinks he's too young for her,that happens
    sometimes.I know personally,every time I'd see them go brown like
    that,a couple weeks later,there'd be eggs every time.