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Re: sexing

Posted by Popcorn on 8/16/05
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    On 8/16/05, Robin P. wrote:
    > On 8/16/05, Popcorn wrote:
    >>> females have pinkish,or tan,that when they get
    >>> ready to breed turns to a flaky brown.
    >> Is there another time that the female turns brown or is it a
    >> seasonal thing? My keets beak turn this color every few
    >> months but she does not seem to want to breed with the male in
    >> the cage. She is 4 years old and the male is 2. They are
    >> good friends but not close enough to be a pair. I've never
    >> seen the preening each other or anything like that.
    > Could be she thinks he's too young for her,that happens
    > sometimes.I know personally,every time I'd see them go brown
    > that,a couple weeks later,there'd be eggs every time.

    Okay. Thank. Her cere has been changing colors for almost a year
    now and she's never layed and egg. Hopfully she never will!