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Re: Is it normal for one out of 7 eggs to hatch?

Posted by jill on 8/18/05
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    On 8/18/05, francine wrote:
    > hello, I'm new with a question, hoping someone can answer.
    > My female had 7 eggs in her nestbox, it has been about a
    > month and only one egg hatched about a week ago. Is this
    > normal? Do I remove the rest of the eggs or will they
    > in more time? thanks in advance

    hello, what i suggest is to very carefully candle the
    remaining eggs. it takes 18 days from the lay date
    (generally) for an egg to hatch. if you hold the eggs up to
    a brite light and look at them...fertile eggs appear
    blue/gray or full inside at about day 10 and the shell tends
    to be a bit shiny. infertile eggs are translucent and the
    shell is often dull. hope this helps.