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Re: need help

Posted by jill on 8/20/05
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    On 8/19/05, francine wrote:
    > Hello
    > My parakeet had an egg that hatched about 6 days ago. I
    > told that I could start cleaning the nestbox out now,
    > because of all the messes and everything.
    > So this morning, I did just that and even held the baby.
    > Now the mother will not go back in the nestbox since I
    > cleaned it this morning. What should I do? Will the baby
    > die?
    hello, have you tried catching the female and putting her on
    the perch outside the box? this is what i had to do with one
    of mine. once she was there and could hear the baby cry she
    went in and resumed care of them. if she doesn't start
    taking care of it and you don't start feeding it yourself it
    will be most assured to die. do what you can to get mom to
    do it as she will do the best job.