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Re: Just venting...

Posted by Sarah on 8/22/05
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    On 8/22/05, Nite wrote:
    > Argh. i'm getting so annoyed by my birds!!
    > The first week i had them, they were so sweet and sang
    > lovely songs in the morning. It was so pleasant to wake up
    > to. but NOW all i hear them do is squawk!! i watch them to
    > see why and it's the male bird(who is younger) yelling at
    > the female bird! They fight soooo much! everyday all the
    > time... except towards the late afternoon and night. ugh!
    > it's driving me crazy! i want to seperate them but that
    > means i have to buy another cage. i've seperated them before
    > but all they do is chirp trying to find one another. the
    > funny thing is inside the cage the female bothers the male.
    > outside of the cage the male bothers the female. Outside the
    > cage they always want to be with each other, but inside they
    > just fight. sheeeesh! Is this how every one else's birds are
    > like too?
    I know how you feel, you're right, it is enoying to wake up to the sound of
    squawk.That happens every day here in my house.