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Re: Show class the Birds

Posted by Sarah on 8/27/05
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    On 8/27/05, jt wrote:
    > On 8/26/05, barb wrote:
    >> On 8/25/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>> I need an honest oppinion, not an offensive one, unless
    >>> necisary. Do you think it is a good idea to bring in my
    >>> parakeets, to show my 6th grd. class about birds while we r
    >>> studying it in science? thanks, I am most likely going to
    >>> bring them in, depends on what you all say.....its sort of
    >>> like a poll. ~Sarah
    >> ***********************
    >> I suggest an alternative maybe take them to an aviary I know
    >> our zoo has an exhibit of birds and my kids love it. The
    >> birds are not stressed there is alot of large trees and
    >> foliage for their comfort and refuge. This building is
    >> climate controlled and is really a good thing for a field trip
    >> ************* barb
    >>> i think it is an excellent idea to educate the students
    > around you about birds only IF you take the proper precautions,
    > like wing clipping which can be done by an avian veterinarian,
    > breeder, or pet shop. i dont know how many birds you plan to
    > bring, but keep it to a minimum, like one or two. take only
    > ones that trust you. dont leave the birds there overnight, or
    > alone in a room. its up to you whether or not you want to take
    > them out, but i think its nice of you to take them in and show
    > everyone what personailites birds have, because most people
    > dont realize what fun they are. if you are uncomfortable with
    > taking them in, then i suggest bringing in pictures or a video
    > of the birds. good luck! -jt

    Thanks everyone, I only have 2 so i would probably only take one. And I will definatly
    get their wings clipped, I would anly be bringing them in the classroom for about 5
    -10 mins. And if i choose to bring them in, i will make SURE that they are all quiet. It
    would pobably be in a couple months anyways, so i have plenty of time to think
    Thanks again!