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Re: Big Cage...?

Posted by Sarah on 8/30/05
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    On 8/30/05, Fran wrote:
    > On 8/27/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> Would this cage be big enough for me to breed my birds in?
    >> cPath=22_26&products_id=80
    >> Sarah
    > Sarah, I know you are all about breeding your budgies, but I
    > would like to respectfully ask you why? If they are your
    > pets and are obviously thriving as such, why try and breed.
    > There really is no money in it at this level and to be
    > honest, there are lots and lots of budgies out there who
    > need good homes. Why bring more into the world? I'm not
    > trying to judge you or be mean, I'm just not sure you have
    > thought this through yet.
    Well, Fran,
    I feel that my birds have a special bond together, like no other that ive seen, and
    also, they've known each other since they were 3 wekks old. If I chose to split them
    up in different cages, they would both be heartbroken, and I just can't do that. I am
    actually still thinking about it, i have been thinking about what I will do with them
    when they get old enough to leave. But how can i stop the breeding process? I just
    cant split them up or anything like that.