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Re: Big Cage...?

Posted by Popcorn on 8/30/05
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    On 8/30/05, Sarah wrote:
    > On 8/30/05, Fran wrote:
    >> On 8/27/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>> Would this cage be big enough for me to breed my birds in?
    >>> cPath=22_26&products_id=80
    >>> Sarah
    >> Sarah, I know you are all about breeding your budgies, but I
    >> would like to respectfully ask you why? If they are your
    >> pets and are obviously thriving as such, why try and breed.
    >> There really is no money in it at this level and to be
    >> honest, there are lots and lots of budgies out there who
    >> need good homes. Why bring more into the world? I'm not
    >> trying to judge you or be mean, I'm just not sure you have
    >> thought this through yet.
    > Well, Fran,
    > I feel that my birds have a special bond together, like no
    other that ive seen, and
    > also, they've known each other since they were 3 wekks old. If
    I chose to split them
    > up in different cages, they would both be heartbroken, and I
    just can't do that. I am
    > actually still thinking about it, i have been thinking about
    what I will do with them
    > when they get old enough to leave. But how can i stop the
    breeding process? I just
    > cant split them up or anything like that.
    > Thanks~Sarah

    I have budgies of different sexs in the same cage. I provide no
    nesting material, no nest box or other cubby holes to hide in
    and I rearange the cage every few months. This seems to keep
    mine from mating. You can also shorten the day time hours by
    only leaving there cage uncovered for 10ish hours/day, this
    makes it seem like winter (a bad time to breed). With how
    attached you seem to be to that (as handleable pets) I would not
    breed them. And also, I believe you are still in school, do you
    have the time to deal with breeding? When the birds decide
    that, since over the summer they can breed, they want to breed
    once during the winter also, will you have time to give proper
    care? I am not trying to sound rude or discourage you to take
    up breeding as a hobby if you really want to but these are
    serious matters to think about before trying. Good Luck
    deciding and always keep the birds care in mind.