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Re: Killer Hurricane Katrina/ Effecting the Animals also

Posted by jill on 9/05/05
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    On 9/01/05, Sarah wrote:
    > On 9/01/05, Nite wrote:
    >> On 8/31/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>> Have you guys heard about Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana?
    >>> It is supposably the worst natural disaster ever recorded.
    >>> I think that it is H-O-R-R-A-B-L-E. Any other comments?
    >>> ~Sarah
    >> -------------
    >> yes. no offense, but are you a 6th grade TEACHER or are you IN
    >> 6th grade(STUDENT)?
    >> -Nite-
    >> -------------
    > None taken. :)
    > I am a 6th grade stude

    always when there are things of this nature happening the last
    one's thought of are the poor animals. i saw a girl on the news
    that said she left when they told her to. she had come back and
    was crying, the news lady asked was this her building(flat) she
    said yes and that her dog had been left inside her apartment
    (now also flat) i thought it was awful. i was with my best
    friend the other day and her baby started to cry because she was
    hungry. i held her while my friend went to mix her up a bottle.
    very long 5 min. i can't imagine some of those mothers with
    thier infants who had NO water for FOUR days to mix formula with.