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Re: Killer Hurricane Katrina/ Effecting the Animals also

Posted by Sarah on 9/06/05
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    On 9/05/05, jill wrote:
    > On 9/01/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> On 9/01/05, Nite wrote:
    >>> On 8/31/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>>> Have you guys heard about Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana?
    >>>> It is supposably the worst natural disaster ever recorded.
    >>>> I think that it is H-O-R-R-A-B-L-E. Any other comments?
    >>>> ~Sarah
    >>> -------------
    >>> yes. no offense, but are you a 6th grade TEACHER or are you IN
    >>> 6th grade(STUDENT)?
    >>> -Nite-
    >>> -------------
    >> None taken. :)
    >> I am a 6th grade stude
    > always when there are things of this nature happening the last
    > one's thought of are the poor animals. i saw a girl on the news
    > that said she left when they told her to. she had come back and
    > was crying, the news lady asked was this her building(flat) she
    > said yes and that her dog had been left inside her apartment
    > (now also flat) i thought it was awful. i was with my best
    > friend the other day and her baby started to cry because she was
    > hungry. i held her while my friend went to mix her up a bottle.
    > very long 5 min. i can't imagine some of those mothers with
    > thier infants who had NO water for FOUR days to mix formula with.

    Yes, i agree 100%