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Re: Food Hogs

Posted by Sarah on 9/03/05
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    On 9/03/05, Popcorn wrote:
    > On 9/02/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> Can anyone help? i have 2 budgies/ 1 male, 1 female, and
    >> the femae is alot more plump than the male I have definatly
    >> been supecting that the female hogs the food. I notice also
    >> that when they are out on their playset, the female chases
    >> him off like pecks at him. Can anyone help? Thanks in
    >> Advance! Sarah
    > Put another food bowl on the opposite end of the cage so
    > that the male can get some food.

    ok, thanks, but it might take some time for the male to find the food.