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Re: Food Hogs

Posted by Barb on 9/06/05
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    On 9/05/05, jill wrote:
    > hello sarah... it won't take him as long to find the food as you
    > think. she definately has dominate issues! you might try
    > exercising them at different times as well.....just to give them
    > a little "away" time from each other.=)
    > On 9/03/05, Sarah wrote:
    >> On 9/03/05, Popcorn wrote:
    >>> On 9/02/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>>> Can anyone help? i have 2 budgies/ 1 male, 1 female, and
    >>>> the femae is alot more plump than the male I have definatly
    >>>> been supecting that the female hogs the food. I notice also
    >>>> that when they are out on their playset, the female chases
    >>>> him off like pecks at him. Can anyone help? Thanks in
    >>>> Advance! Sarah
    >>> Put another food bowl on the opposite end of the cage so
    >>> that the male can get some food.
    >> ok, thanks, but it might take some time for the male to find
    > the food.
    >> Sarah
    If after putting in another food dish the female is still running
    him away from it. Separate the birds and put in different cages!!
    From prior experience I had a dominant female that kept running the
    male off away from the food so I separated the birds into separate
    cages and left space between the two cages so they could still see
    each other for companionship. And the male flourished!! If dont
    take him out and she keeps pestering him he could starve to death
    which I know you would never let that happen!! Be encouraged!!