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Re: Food Hogs

Posted by Sarah on 9/06/05
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    On 9/06/05, Barb wrote:
    > On 9/05/05, jill wrote:
    >> hello sarah... it won't take him as long to find the food as you
    >> think. she definately has dominate issues! you might try
    >> exercising them at different times as well.....just to give them
    >> a little "away" time from each other.=)
    >> On 9/03/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>> On 9/03/05, Popcorn wrote:
    >>>> On 9/02/05, Sarah wrote:
    >>>>> Can anyone help? i have 2 budgies/ 1 male, 1 female, and
    >>>>> the femae is alot more plump than the male I have definatly
    >>>>> been supecting that the female hogs the food. I notice also
    >>>>> that when they are out on their playset, the female chases
    >>>>> him off like pecks at him. Can anyone help? Thanks in
    >>>>> Advance! Sarah
    >>>> Put another food bowl on the opposite end of the cage so
    >>>> that the male can get some food.
    >>> ok, thanks, but it might take some time for the male to find
    >> the food.
    >>> Sarah
    > ********************
    > If after putting in another food dish the female is still running
    > him away from it. Separate the birds and put in different cages!!
    > From prior experience I had a dominant female that kept running the
    > male off away from the food so I separated the birds into separate
    > cages and left space between the two cages so they could still see
    > each other for companionship. And the male flourished!! If dont
    > take him out and she keeps pestering him he could starve to death
    > which I know you would never let that happen!! Be encouraged!!

    Well, it is only occasionally that the female drives my male away. It's like
    whenever she feels in a bad mood, she chases him away. I just got a cage
    that is up to almost my belly-button that was $105 and is very roomy also.(i am
    5' tall). i think that they like it MUCH better, and can get away from one
    another when they feel like it. I have not noticed any signs of chases, but i
    never really see them eat, i am normally at school when they do eat.
    Abby(male) seems not too bad skinny wise, and when they are out of the
    cage every day, i give Abby more millet sprat to munch on just in case. And
    also, do you mean perminatly seperate them? If yes, then I think that my birds
    would have a miserable life. They have known each other since they were 3
    weeks old, and other than the food chases, they preen each other and hook
    beaks, and do stuff like that.