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Re: My parakeet got out

Posted by Marie on 9/04/05
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    Thank you all for writing. Unfortunately i still haven't seen
    my little matilda. i have cried and cried and am still
    sitting outside next to her cage calling her name. really a
    shame and totally heart breaking. she was a little lover and
    will forever amaze me at just how loving a little creature can
    be. i never knew before we got this bird, that they are so
    affectionate. i work from home and she sat with me all day
    ever day, giving kisses and playing with my earrings. i miss
    her terribly. i will give it a few more days and then go and
    get myself another bird. or two? not sure on that.
    thanks to all of you - so nice to have had someone to reach
    out to.
    marie :-(

    On 9/04/05, Clare wrote:
    > On 9/04/05, Marie wrote:
    >> I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions - my 4 year
    >> old parakeet got out yesterday and seems to be gone for
    >> good. i am heartbroken. i have her cage outside and i
    >> have walked blocks calling her name, whistling like i do
    >> to her and ringing her favorite bell. does anyone have
    >> any ideas on how else to get her to return? she is very
    >> tame and i am so upset. she has already been away for a
    >> day and i am beside myself.
    >> please help.
    > Dear Marie, I don't know what u can do except what u are
    > doing now, and I would say to just keep doing what u are
    > doing and hopefully she will come back. I am soooo sorry to
    > hear about it though!!
    > ~Clare~