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Re: My parakeet got out/Marie

Posted by Debby on 9/05/05
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    Okay Marie thanks alot, I was wondering as my neighbors were at a
    picnic yesterday and a green and yellow parakeet with a leg band
    landed on his head. They are looking for the owner, and this one
    is very tame as well. However, Im in Pennsylvania, and I doubt
    your little guy came this far. Thanks for answering the questions.


    > Hi Debby.
    > I posted a lost report on this site and a couple of others. I
    > am in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. She got out around the
    > 11th and 12th street/crawford hill area in downtown steamboat
    > on saturday afternoon 9/3. Yes, she has a leg band. She is
    > solid bright yellow. She does answer to Matilda. she is very
    > tame and is 4 years old.
    > marie
    > On 9/05/05, Debby wrote:
    >> Marie might I ask what area you are from? Could you post a
    >> description of your little parakeet? Did it have a legband?
    >> Debby
    >>> I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions - my 4 year
    >>> old parakeet got out yesterday and seems to be gone for
    >>> good. i am heartbroken. i have her cage outside and i
    >>> have walked blocks calling her name, whistling like i do
    >>> to her and ringing her favorite bell. does anyone have
    >>> any ideas on how else to get her to return? she is very
    >>> tame and i am so upset. she has already been away for a
    >>> day and i am beside myself.
    >>> please help.