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Re: attacked by mate

Posted by Jill, on 4/19/07
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    On 9/07/05, Sarah wrote:
    > On 9/07/05, sylvia wrote:
    >> I have a parakeet hen that got attacked by her mate. He
    >> bitten off the whole top part of her beak. She only has
    >> this big gaping hole in her face. She has her lower beak
    >> attached but the top part of her beak is completly gone.
    >> She is doing fine but I have no idea how to feed her or
    >> what to feed her. I would like for someone to tell me how
    >> can I take care of her and what to feed her. I do not want
    >> her to starve to death.
    > 5 words: TAKE HER TO A VET
    Hey my hen and male parokeet have mated and she laid 4 eggs.I
    noticed her beak is gone just as your birds was can you
    please get back to me and tell me how your bird is doing .im
    going to have to take mine to the vet