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Re: I got my parakeet back!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alison on 9/08/05
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    On 9/07/05, Marie wrote:
    > To everyone who was so kind to write to me with help and
    > advice - I got my little bird back. She was found in the
    > middle of the highway about 8 miles from home and
    > delivered to the department of wildlife bird rescue. They
    > saw my ad in the newspaper and tonight she is home safe
    > and sound. How wonderful people can be. So, for anyone
    > who has lost their bird - have hope - good things do
    > happen.
    > thank you all,
    > marie
    I am glad you got your parakeet back safe and sound. I'm
    really sorry I didn't offer support when you posted
    originally, but I didn't see your first thread until today
    after I read this thread. I don't know how I missed it. My
    mind has been 'distracted' lately. -Alison-