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Re: I got my parakeet back!!!!!!!!!!! to MEAN julie

Posted by marie on 9/09/05
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    You should be ashamed of yourself! are you for real?????
    irresponsible idiot? those are your words to me - or to anyone else
    who has the absolutely heartbreaking and terrible misfortune of
    losing a pet? like anyone does it on purpose? give me a break
    lady. accidents happen - to the best and most wonderful of people
    sometimes. and i am one of them!!!!!! you have major issues. no
    one, anywhere, likes mean people. mean people suck - the bumper
    sticker is true! plain and simple. and you are mean. and to be
    honest - i would do what you say you are going to do - take a leave
    of absence from this place - and from any other place too that has
    NICE people on it. no one likes people without a heart. and you
    don't have one!

    On 9/09/05, julie wrote:
    > simple.. ihave no time for irresponsible idiots that cant keep
    > their birds indoors safely. i have kept birds large and small for
    > over 40 years and i have never been irresponsible enough to allow
    > one to escape! and yes i do allow then out of the cage. they all
    > come out on a daily basis. common sense tells you how to keep a
    > bird safely indoors, and when those lacking in it loose their
    > birds they are whining and weeping and looking for sympathy, and
    > all to often find it on chatboards. now i await the raging
    > tempers of the supporters of the irrisponsible fools, go for it. I
    > will not be here to see it!!!
    > On 9/08/05, marie wrote:
    >> On 9/08/05, julie wrote:
    >>> yeah well try and be a bit more responsible with it... when it
    >>> gets out again you may well not get it back... budgies make a
    >>> good meal for a cat
    >> okay, i was just wondering why you have been the only one with
    >> nothing nice to say? you were the only one with a snotty, mean
    >> comment when i lost her - and now you say something just
    >> uncalled for again? duh - be more careful! like i don't know
    >> that! you are not a nice person. period.