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Re: For Marie

Posted by Sarah on 9/09/05
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    On 9/09/05, Toby's Mom wrote:
    > Marie, just ignore the Julie person. My husband and I have owned parrots
    > for 20+ years and had an amazon escape once and a conure twice. Luckily
    > each time we were able to immediately retrieve them. Our pet sitter also
    > had her cape parrot escape and we used our amazon to find him. One of
    > our tenants lost their amazon, but got him back soon afterwards by
    > getting a ladder and retrieving the bird from a nearby rooftop. So
    > accidents do happen and it happens more frequently than people want to
    > admit. It is a wakeup call to almost lose a bird and makes you much more
    > careful in the future. I am very happy for you to have gotten your
    > little guy back!
    > On 9/09/05, Michael L wrote:
    >> Marie,
    >> It's great that you and your bird have been reuinted.
    >> Accidents do happen when you own birds or any animal for that matter.
    >> Granted, it's fortunate that something hasn't gone wrong for some
    >> people, but to think that it can't happen is foolish.
    >> I have had birds for many years and I have lost birds. Some have come
    >> home and others have not. It's a fact of life. Period.
    >> The important thing is that your bird is home and you will take every
    >> precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    >> Congratulations to you and your buddy.
    >> Michael L

    i agree 100%, Marie. All HUMANS make mistakes. A secound congrats to you and your pal.