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Re: For Marie

Posted by jill on 9/11/05
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    marie....just remember, what comes around goes around...=) i lost a budgie
    the second day i owned her by a complete freak accident! luckily that freak
    accident happened early in the morning and when she got out she couldn't fly
    too well, she landed in my neighbors really tall grass, got her feathers
    very wet and could go no farther! it does happen but all you can do is be
    careful with them. congrats dear!=)

    On 9/09/05, Sarah wrote:
    > On 9/09/05, Toby's Mom wrote:
    >> Marie, just ignore the Julie person. My husband and I have owned parrots
    >> for 20+ years and had an amazon escape once and a conure twice. Luckily
    >> each time we were able to immediately retrieve them. Our pet sitter also
    >> had her cape parrot escape and we used our amazon to find him. One of
    >> our tenants lost their amazon, but got him back soon afterwards by
    >> getting a ladder and retrieving the bird from a nearby rooftop. So
    >> accidents do happen and it happens more frequently than people want to
    >> admit. It is a wakeup call to almost lose a bird and makes you much more
    >> careful in the future. I am very happy for you to have gotten your
    >> little guy back!
    >> On 9/09/05, Michael L wrote:
    >>> Marie,
    >>> It's great that you and your bird have been reuinted.
    >>> Accidents do happen when you own birds or any animal for that matter.
    >>> Granted, it's fortunate that something hasn't gone wrong for some
    >>> people, but to think that it can't happen is foolish.
    >>> I have had birds for many years and I have lost birds. Some have come
    >>> home and others have not. It's a fact of life. Period.
    >>> The important thing is that your bird is home and you will take every
    >>> precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    >>> Congratulations to you and your buddy.
    >>> Michael L
    > i agree 100&37;, Marie. All HUMANS make mistakes. A secound congrats to
    you and your pal.
    > :)
    > Sarah