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Re: what to do?

Posted by Sarah on 9/11/05
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    On 9/11/05, Bre wrote:
    > This very morning I found a beautiful little blue/grey/
    > and yellow parakeet on my front lawn. He flew away a bit,
    > but eventually I was able to pick him up against my shirt
    > and carry him inside. He is currently in a spare cage
    > that I have from when my Cockatiels were babies. I've
    > only ever owned tiels, so any general care advice,
    > including tips on letting them interact at all, would be
    > appreciated. But moreover, are there any really key
    > things that I need to do for this little guy since he just
    > came in from the great wild? (I'm trying to find his
    > owner, but i want him to be healthy and happy in the
    > meantime!)

    Well, just take him out every day, try to feed him good fruits/veggies, along with
    seed or pellets, i would try both, and give him the same amount of love and
    attention that you give you tiels.