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Re: male not caring for female on!

Posted by Michael L on 9/12/05
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    On 9/12/05, jill wrote:
    > hello, i have a male budgie that's named romeo. he has
    > bred a sweet female i have but refuses to take care of her
    > while she sits on eggs. what should i do? thanks in
    > advance, jill

    There's really nothing you can do to intervene at this point.
    Make sure they have plenty of nutritious foods, etc.
    The male may be feeding the hen and you are not aware of it.
    The hen will, if she has to, leave the box to get herself
    In the meantime, the male may come around and figure out what
    he's supposed to be doing. If they are young, this may be
    due to inexperience.
    Give them plenty of privacy and try keeping youself away from
    them. They may feel threatened by your presence or possible

    Michael L