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Re: male not caring for female on!

Posted by Michael L on 9/13/05
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    On 9/13/05, jill wrote:

    > thanks so much. do you think i should put them together in
    > thier own private cage? romeo is just over a year old but this
    > is the first time he has bred. buster(the female) is about
    > 15mos and she seems really hung up on him(chaes him around the
    > cage) he just gets what he wants and then runs off. i had
    > never heard of this is all. thanks again! jill

    So much depends upon whether or not your intentions were to let
    this pair of birds breed or not.
    Breeding is tough and time consuming. It also comes with
    problems and heart ache.
    Since they are young, and you do want them to breed, let them
    stay together and work this out. My suggestion was to give them
    privacy and not interfere to much. They are working on getting
    this right. And in some rare cases, there are male/female pairs
    that never get it right or ever get along. But that's more the
    exception rather than the rule.
    I have some Austalian Parakeets and let me tell you they
    sometimes get into some serious squabbles when one is not in
    breeding mode and the other one is. Doesn't make them
    imcompatible, just not always on the same page at the same time.
    Keep them together unless you see physical harm done to either of

    Michael L