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Re: Michael L. or anyone who knows genetics...

Posted by Michael L on 9/13/05
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    On 9/13/05, jill wrote:
    > i have read some of the things you have posted in the past
    > and you seem to know a bit about genetics. i have two
    > albinos. they seem to really like each other. what would
    > happen if they breed? would the babies be deformed? would
    > they be any other color besides albino? thanks in advance,
    > jill

    That is a great question that many people wonder about.
    Albino is a recessive, sex-linked mutation. So to breed two
    true Albino birds, you would only get male/female Albino
    Whether or not to do this is debatable. True Albino birds
    have the red eyes which can be light sensitive. There are
    dark-eyed whites that are often mistaken as Albino just
    because it is a pure white bird. Most dark-eyed whites or
    clear whites are actually very heavy pied birds void of other
    In certain species of birds, such as the cockatiel, albino
    (blue series) or lutino (green series) birds have some
    feather issues which include poor feather quality and bald
    Genetically, two recessives don't produce the best offspring
    or sometimes the healthiest.
    If you were determined to breed two white birds, I would
    suggest a dark-eyed white and an albino rather than two
    albino birds. This way you would have the possibility of
    some different colored chicks as well as white, and you would
    not be encouraging possibly genetically defective chicks
    which may die or be born with birth defects.

    Michael L