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Re: Harumph. And the search goes on...

Posted by Jessica on 9/14/05
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, because I don't mean
    it in a malicious way at all...

    I think I've seen your ad on another site looking for two
    hand-fad parakeets. Your ad says that you will not pay more
    than $10 each. It is my opinion that perhaps very few
    people are hand-feeding parakeets anymore because they
    cannot get a reasonable price for them. Hand-feeding baby
    birds takes a LOT of time and energy, not to mention some
    extra money for the supplies... incubator, handfeeding
    untensils, baby bird formula (which many breeders can tell
    you is not real cheap), extra bedding, cages, etc. And this
    has nothing to do with the amount of time and commitment it
    requires to properly hand-feed babies. It is hard to
    imagine spending that much intense amount of time (not to
    mention the extra money!) for five weeks, just to get $10 at
    the end of it all.

    Yes, there are some breeders out there who are hand-feeding
    baby parakeets. But they are few and far between. I cannot
    say for myself, as I've never raised them and have no
    interest in budgies. I do, however, hand-raise other small
    birds (mainly lovebirds and parrotlets), and I know what
    kind of time, energy, and money goes into it. I'm not
    looking to make money (and neither is the poor soul hand-
    feeding baby parakeets), but it would be nice to break
    even. Make enough money to cover your supplies. The time
    doesn't matter as much, as it is time enjoyably spent.

    On 9/14/05, Stacy wrote:
    > Why is it so hard to find hand-fed, regular run-o-the-mill
    > parakeets like the ones you find in stores? I do not want
    > to get one from a pet store- for reason that they are
    > harder to bond with.
    > Is the statment true that all parakeets are parent raised?